Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Masa kini, hebat diperkatakan mengenai Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran bagi mata pelajaran Matematik dan Sains dalam Bahasa Inggeris yang mula dilaksanakan tahun 2003 di tahun satu, tingkatan satu dan tingkatan enam rendah.

Di sini ada beberapa tip bagaimana untuk meningkatkan penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris...

1. Spend some time to read the dictionary at least few minutes.
2. Try to remember five to ten words (it’s depends) every day.
3. Try to read at least one English article (any sources can be) per day and do translation about the article.
4. When you read anything in English, if you didn’t understand the word, don’t waste time, note it down in your personal note book (Vocabulary book) and look for the meaning in the dictionary immediately.
5. Try to write sentences in English. Start with one sentence, two, three sentences and so on. And then from that stage, try to write a paragraph, two, three paragraph and so on.
6. Watch comedy series such as “Geena Davis Show”, “Gilmore Girls”, “C.S.I” and etc. and English movies. Don’t you be shamed to watch kids stories such as “Connie the Cow”, “Bob the Builder”, “Jellebies” and etc. Here you can hear, think, and know how to use, pronoun etc english word in proper and correct way. 
7. Try to talk with your friends, or anybody in English. It doesn’t matter if your sentences are wrongly in structure, ‘Rojak’ with Bahasa (or other language), pronunciation or else. You can start with simple words and short sentences.
8. Take the chances to talk in English as much as you can when you are in the “English Situation”. Example : In your English class or English day in your school.
9. Discipline. From now on, start to read English materials, talk in English, watch and see anything in English.

Good luck to you, hopefully your English will improve.


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